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how can fitness improve your mental health?

After I moved to London I found it very challenging to maintain sustainable mental health. Urbanized life causes depression and anxiety in such a competitive environment and fast-paced life. However, I found that fitness has a powerful impact on well-being and better mental health. In addition to my personal conclusions, studies prove this fact as well.
In addition to my personal conclusions, studies prove this fact as well. Medically, the connection between sport and mental health is described by the following reasons:

  • Physical exercises stimulate an increase in the DBNF hormone, which creates conditions for new neurons to grow.
  • Training increases the production of serotonin, which is responsible for motivation and volitional qualities.
  • Physical activity improves the production of norepinephrine, which affects concentration and mental performance in general.
  • Sport affects the production of dopamine, which gives a sense of pleasure, influences decision making, and the ability to focus on important things.
  • High-intensity physical exercises increase the production of endorphins, which is a natural pain reliever.
  • Also, training lowers levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline
...this is what doctors say.

"movement is life"

Personally, I can add that when I enter a fitness club, I forget about all matters and problems. For me, fitness is the time when I can leave my routine behind the door and enjoy my pastime. When doing sport, a person is concentrated on exercises and their correct technique. Physical training helps blow off steam. Moreover, when you find yourself in the circle of like-minded people, no problems with communication arises. As a rule, training takes place in a friendly atmosphere. Thus, physical exercises serve as a psychological remedy. For elder people, fitness has one more significant plus. It reduces the risk of dementia and cognitive decline. When a person gets old, they sit him/her in a chair, give a cane, or put on a bed. Yet, scientists from all over the world assume that elder people should do fitness. A study was conducted in several nursing homes. More than 180 patients whose average age was 72 years took part in the research. The results showed that after three months, all participants increased the distance that they walk during a week. What is most important, their strengthened legs allowed them to self-serve and cope with everyday tasks.

So, as you see, the proverb "movement is life" has its sense! A balanced physical activity is useful for everyone and at any age.

However, there are different types of classes and directions. Which one to choose? All exercises are divided into several groups in fitness. There are aerobic and anaerobic ones. Each of them is designed for different purposes. Anaerobic training is designed to increase muscle strength and create body relief. Aerobic physical exercises increase heart rate, which pumps more oxygen to the brain. As a result, your stamina increases. Aerobic exercises, like running and swimming, cycling, walking, gardening, and dancing appear to be best for brain health. Even five minutes of aerobic exercise can stimulate anti-anxiety effects. When speaking about the best venue for physical activity, it is necessary to say that any outdoor location is better than an indoor one. The thing is that air circulation is worse indoors. As a result, muscles and the body receive less oxygen. This can lead to a worse effect on your body shape or, in the worst case, oxygen depletion. Therefore, it is important to organize your workouts in a well-ventilated flat or premise.

Outdoor locations are the best options as fresh air is everywhere. It is guaranteed that your body consumes the necessary amount of oxygen. Here, it is necessary to note that the venue should be far away from busy roads and other enterprises that pollute the environment.

A recent epidemiological study has shown that enthusiasts who give preference to greener urban areas benefit from sustained improvements in their mental health. It is connected with better air consumption first of all.


The latest world news scares. Peoples have faced a terrible epidemic during the last several months. COVID-19 took everybody by surprise. Still, although people have to stay at home and be isolated from others, it is not the reason to stop practicing. In opposite, it is important to support your body with regular exercises. In this case, it will generate all the necessary elements that will help resist the virus.

So, if you take all the necessary precautions, the epidemic should not be an obstacle to doing sport. Choose outdoor locations, gather small groups (2-4), and your training process will be safe and beneficial.

To draw the line, let's point out that fitness improves not only our physical state but also mental health. It has a positive effect on all organs and muscles. Due to physical exercises, the ligamentous apparatus becomes stronger, and the body is less susceptible to all sorts of injuries. What concerns our psychological state, fitness will help relieve anxiety, forget about stress and raise your mood. For me, an hour of training is an excellent way to get rid of all problems, stay alone with the body and thoughts, and raise my mood.
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